The View from the Bar Saturday 10th March 2018

It’s good to be back, although unusually, having spent the best part of the last fortnight in Denmark I’ve probably seen more football than you have. In my first week out there me and a pal managed to wangle a couple of tickets to the sold-out 1st v 2nd Superliga clash between Midtjylland and Brondby.Read More

The View from the Bar Tuesday 20th February 2018

What a difference a week makes! Ten days back even the ever-zestful Dave Draper could find no better summary of our trip to Petersfield than “the definite low-point of the season”, but on Saturday the good times were back as a keen Bournemouth side were put to the sword here at Westwood with a hard-workingRead More

The View from the Bar Saturday 17 February 2018

Well here’s a bit of a novelty then – Saturday afternoon football at Westwood! It seems like forever since our last outing here, the thoroughly entertaining (and probably fair outcome) 2-2 draw with Fareham back on 6th January. What’s been happening in the meantime? Well, we had the excellent draw away at title-chasing Blackfield aRead More

The View from the Bar Saturday 6 January 2018

Happy New Year everyone! It was a bit gutting to wake up on Boxing Day, open the curtains to a gloriously sunny, crisp winter morning – perfect football weather – then see on Facebook that the Newport match had been postponed. Probably more gutted were those who’d shared a ride up to St Georges beforeRead More

The View from the Bar Saturday 16 November 2017

The View from the Bar Right-ho, here we go, last home game before Christmas. Fareham have been a bit of a bogey team for us over the years, a state of play that goes back to the 1960’s, when during their period of Hampshire League dominance they pipped us to the 1964-65 league title. FromRead More

The View from the Bar Sat 18 November 2017

What a cracker it was last week eh? Brilliant game, some lovely goals and a crackling atmosphere – great stuff. Even the bloke on the tannoy wasn’t too bad… Oh yes! Last week I hinted at another coming scheme that’s in the pipeline. Well, it’s probably time to furnish you with a few more details.Read More

The View from the Bar Sat 11th November 2017

All things considered we’ve had a pretty lousy record against Hamworthy over the past decade or so, so it’s with no little trepidation that I look forward to this match, although I have to say I do have something of a soft spot for The Hammers. The reason? Well, it was on a trip toRead More

The View from the Bar 28th October 2017

Sad news this week with the passing of Dave Brunt, a proper legend of the local football scene. It might not be often you see that written about a match official (despite the fact we’d have no game without them), but in this case it’s definitely true – the surfeit of fond remembrances on socialRead More

The View from the Bar 7th October 2017

Art’noon all. Didn’t make it to Alresford last week but I have to say how impressive our performance was against Blackfield a week and a half back – if we could perform like that every week we’d be a top-six side in no time (although we might need to start scoring a few goals forRead More

The View from the Bar 26th September 2017

Evening! And welcome to the latest in our apparently never-ending run of (nearly all) home matches. Apparently we’re actually going to be away on Saturday, although I’m yet to be convinced the fixture won’t be reversed. Strange game Saturday wasn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever been so upbeat after witnessing Cowes concede five goals.Read More